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The Green Organization | Projects and Activities
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Projects and Activities


TGO has been setting building blocks for a dynamic cross-culture understanding and communications between Afghan and American students. “Afghan-U.S. Students Dialogue” has created an excellent virtual environment between youths in Afghanistan and the United States to promote mutual understanding, increase cross-boundary collaborations and social diplomacy.

The Afghan – U.S. Student online  conference encompasses understanding and application of many disciplines from education to sociology, history, geography and peacebuilding, all applied to persons of vastly differing social, cultural and religious backgrounds. To apply concepts learned in the classroom this project utilizes online interactive sessions between host and guest countries to allow students the opportunity to learn and apply the concepts from class to real world settings previously foreign to them. In our last project, students from a US based university (Texas A&M) partnered with students from an Afghan university (Herat University) to interact via online meeting sessions after a comprehensive training. By applying their new knowledge and understanding learned through this project, participants may open doors for further exchange programs in Afghanistan and the United States.

 Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution

The project was designed to increase the capacity of youth to establish collaborative relationships that will contribute to conflict resolution, sustainable peace, and increased development in the region and beyond.  Participants gained new skills and knowledge aimed at preventing intercommunal conflicts from escalating into problems that threaten regional, national, and global security.

 High Level Political Forum

Our delegation represent his remarks and addresses concerns about the level of poverty in our communities at the High Level Political Forum at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.